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Meet the LWKP family

We celebrate the strengths and interests that each of us brings to the table. There is no ‘i’ in team, and we believe magic happens when people work collaboratively together, sharing ideas, actively listening and learning from others. We promote a culture where continual growth and quality improvements are valued, and we strive to model this in our everyday interactions with staff, families, children and community.


Beatriz Porto

Co Director / Teacher

Qualifications: Bachelor of Education

Beatriz is a passionate early childhood teacher with over seven years of experience in different education settings, from early childhood to primary school. Working with children in their early years has always been one of her passions. She has always loved studying child development, observing and understanding their social, emotional, and physical development, and discovering each child’s unique way of learning, which motivated her to explore and develop strategies to help their learning journey. She believes that children learn through social interactions and role modelling from adults. Therefore, we as adults must provide the best of ourselves as examples for the little ones, respect their voice, and advocate for a sense of agency and well-being. Beatriz is fascinated by children’s development and uniqueness, so she explores and loves studying different pedagogies, theories, and methods to support the inclusion of all. 


Beatriz is passionate about inclusion, cultural awareness, and teaching children’s values. She has recently completed the Hanen Program, well-known in Canada by speech therapists, which trains ECTs to support children in developing language, communication, and interaction skills. As well, 2018 she completed an Introduction to AUSLAN (Australian Sign Language), which helped her embed inclusion practices in her educational setting. 


Beatriz’s teaching practices focus on exploring respectful relationships, kindness, and social interactions with different lenses and perspectives. She also loves embedding nature play and environmental awareness through conversations and literacy. Finally, she loves exploring and embedding different languages and children’s cultures into the program. On her own time, Beatriz loves gardening, crafting, painting, and exploring her Brazilian culture, music, dance, and food! 

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Christine Matthews

Co Director / Teacher

Qualifications: Graduate Diploma Education (Early Years), Bachelor of Business (HRM)

I became really interested in the importance of early childhood education after becoming a mum myself. I realised how vital music, language, movement and social interactions are for developing brains, and the benefits of learning through a context of play. I retrained as a Teacher through QUT and obtained my Graduate Diploma in Education, (Early Years) in 2011. Since then I’ve been delivering the Kindergarten program and loving it! I realise how lucky I am to be able to work alongside families in this very special time in their child’s life, where every interaction and learning experience adds to creating positive, resilient and happy children who feel like their voice and actions count.


Arleen Gray

Assistant Educator

Qualifications: Diploma Children’s Services


I began my career in early childhood by completing my ADCC straight after high school. I worked in Child Care as an Assistant Educator, then Group Leader. After having two babies of my own (Elliot and Brianna, now grown), I made the switch to toddler music teaching, and then to the Assistant Educator role in kindergartens. Having worked at LWKP as a Relief Assistant Educator, I became permanent part time in 2005. I am passionate about working with young children, as well as music, so one of my joys at Kindy is leading the music session. On my other weekdays I enjoy visiting other kindergartens as relief staff and gaining lots of ideas from quality teachers and programs.


Tapasii Holden

Assistant Educator / Relief Teacher

Qualifications: Bachelor of Education, Diploma Children’s Services


Since joining the Lutwyche-Windsor Kindergarten community in 2008, I have focused on children and their families developing a strong sense of belonging at the heart of their Kindergarten experience. This includes through the creative arts, engagement with nature, self initiated play and routines. I have taught for 20 years, including as a Kindergarten assistant and teacher, as well as for 2 years as music teacher in Montessori schools and Suzuki music workshops.  I have two girls, one who recently began a career in Early Childhood and the other in primary school. I completed my Bachelor of Early Childhood through QUT in 2017.


Yuliana Kusumastuti

Assistant Educator / Relief Teacher

Qualifications: Diploma in children's services and Honours in Education


My name is Yuliana. I was born in Indonesia and am a mother of two beautiful grown-up children.


I hold a Diploma in children's services and Honours in Education, with a positive vision and the enthusiasm to achieve program goals and objectives. I am dedicated to the Early Learning Years and bring over 15 years of knowledge, experience, and dedication to the industry.

I am very excited to be part of your children's educational journey and will nurture a great relationship with the children and families.

I am also a professional artist and hope to contribute to the children's artistic development. As I have years of experience teaching the Indonesian language, I would respect any family's background and embrace diversity.

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Greg James



I'm a former LWKP parent (2019, 2020 and 2023) who had a wonderful time here as a parent and wanted to contribute more to the community, so I undertook the administrator role in 2022. 

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Their minds were not built to sit and be taught, they were built to explore, play and learn...I'm not a teacher but an awakener.

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